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What’s it all about?

Foundations is Northumberland College’s specialised department for students with Special Education Needs and disabilities and students with Learning Disabilities.

The Department offers a varied and specialised curriculum to ensure the needs of all students are met and positive outcomes are available for all, additional support is also provided to support success.
The course is separated into different offers to ensure that all students needs and ambitions are met. All courses are delivered at the Kirkley Hall Campus.

Our Independence pathway supports the develop of the person through a curriculum with promotes independence skill both in college and at home. The use of a Independence classroom with a kitchen will develop skills that will last a lifetime. To support this, students will also develop personal resilience and work skills to ensure their readiness for the next step.

Our Carousel program allows students the opportunity to taste the practical element of courses, opening opportunities and allow for information-based decisions on what they would like to do next. Currently the carousel program runs session in Animal Care, Catering and Horticulture, all based within the college with access to extensive resources i.e., Zoo.

The Supported level 1 program allows students the opportunities to study a for a dedicated course within the specialised SEND environment. Specialist Animal Care, Catering and Horticulture Lecturers will deliver a fully inclusive program, which allows for the induvial needs of each learner to support them through the qualification.

For students who wish to work, Our Supported Internship programs provide a unique opportunity for learners to take part in a work-based curriculum. We offer two options to support transition into the workplace. A Pre-Internship allowing learners to develop workplace skills through supported internal placements within college. This should allow interns to develop the skills and behaviours to progress onto our Supported Internship, where the majority of the course would involve 300 hours of external work experience which would develop the necessary skills to support further employment.

No formal entry criteria.

Study level Cost
19+ please enquire

Teaching is varied and adapted to ensure that all students are given the best possible opportunity and support to succeed. Specialised classrooms and vocational resources, alongside experienced and qualified teachers unsure an environment conducive to positive learning.
Small class sizes allow for bespoke and individualised learning to ensure that each student feels comfortable in their classroom.

Dependent on the qualifications, students are assessed in varied ways, this can include informal assessments of skills developed. Alongside this, we run practical courses and skills and knowledge are assessed in different ways.
Finally, if on a course where there is a final exam, this will take place as planned by the awarding body.

Maths and English is delivered with all courses. A robust initial assessment will take place to ensure each student is on the right level. This includes qualifications ranging from GCSE to Functional skills, alongside non-accredited sessions tailored to the individual.

Students will have the opportunity to undertake both internal and external work experience throughout their time in Foundations. This will be organised and dependent on each student’s interest to develop individual work skills.
Students completing the Supported Level 1’s will undertake this in the dedicated areas to ensure as much real-life experience as possible.

The Supported Internship program currently has links with a variety of employers and organisations.
Foundations staff work closely with staff and parents/carers to develop a curriculum suitable for the progression of all learners.

On average, students will be on a 17-18 hour a week.

Sessions run on a Monday – Friday. Start time are approximately 9:00, with days ended approximately 4:15.

Courses within Foundations aims to increase the independence of all our students and ensure it follows the Preparation for Adulthood Framework. Students will leave Foundations to their chosen progression route ensuring they have the skills required to succeed. Courses will focus on improving and developing skills for employment, promoting positive understanding of friendships, relationships, and communities, whilst also ensuring that students gain valuable skills to support independent living and positive promotion of how to sustain good health.

Students will not only develop physical skills that will support future progression routes, but will gain the attitudes, values and knowledge that will support them adapting into potential brand-new scenarios they may experience and allow them to have to resilience to succeed.

The projects your will be involved in include:

- Induction Project - Being Safe at Kirkley Hall
- Project 1 - Being Healthy
- Project 2 - Travel Skills
- Project 3 - Healthy Eating
- Project 4 - Horticulture Enterprise
- Project 5 - Media & Animal Care
- Project 6 - Moving On

What’s next?

Destinations include:
Supported Internship
Transferring to a specialist area course within a college
Independent living
Adult social day care

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