Our entry requirements vary for each course. Check the individual course pages on our website for specific entry requirements.

We offer vocational courses at various levels so you can start at the level that’s right for you and progress to the highest level you can achieve.

Entry Level 

'I have no formal qualifications'

If you haven’t already gained any qualifications, entry level courses are great for helping you to improve your basic reading, writing and IT skills.

Foundation & Level 1

“I have at least 1 GSCE at grade 1”

These foundation level courses help you gain an introductory knowledge of a subject area and can prepare you to progress further.

Level 2 

“I have at least 2 GSCEs at grade 3”

These intermediate courses will provide you with a route into a career or prepare you for higher level study.


Level 3

“I have at least 5 GSCEs at grade 4 or above” *

These advanced courses will challenge you and develop your understanding of a subject area and will prepare you for employment or degree level study.