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Your safety

  • Certificate in Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair (Berwick Campus)
  • Diploma in Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair (Berwick Campus)

If you haven't yet received your course start date, please get in touch and we will confirm this for you.

Please report to Berwick Campus (TD15 2JF) at 9am.

All the campus centres are accessible by bus.

To plan your journey, please contact the main centre on 01289 302 446

Free parking is available on-site for cars and bikes.

A comprehensive programme of learning involving all aspects of motor vehicle theory, technology, fault diagnosis and practical repair.

The main contact on the day will be Richard Redpath, 01289 302446.

Due to the nature of the course, you will need to wear coveralls and safety boots.

You will also need stationery including pens, pencils, highlighters and a notepad.

You will need coveralls which are suitable for use with oils and safety work boots (non-slip). Please purchase this before the start of term.

The coveralls and boots will cost approximately £30-£40.

Coveralls and boots can be purchased from several local work wear suppliers in around Berwick, such as Halfords.

Most people who work in the automotive industry have a real passion for cars and bikes. There are lots of exciting changes happening in the industry with new technological advancements. You could work for an independent garage, transport and construction company,or car dealership.

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