Wanting to expand her equine knowledge and impressed by the high level of teaching after previously studying at Northumberland College, Bekki graduated with a BSc in Equestrian Performance and Coaching.

Now a self-employed Groom, she was chosen to present an abstract from her dissertation at the prestigious Alltech-Hartpury Conference.

FdSc Equestrian Performance and Coaching.

Equine is an industry I currently work in and wanted to expand my knowledge.

Northumberland College is the closest equine to me, and because I previously studied at Kirkley Hall I knew the high level of teaching.

The quality of learning from the tutors. They all have experience in industry which makes all the difference.

They’re all friendly, approachable and extremely knowledgeable.

Visits to external venues which related to modules on the course. It helped me to see the knowledge applied and hear from industry experts.

Evidence based knowledge, the proof that things work and how they work.

Equine learning theory. The theory, the knowledge and putting it into practice.

I would definitely recommend Northumberland College. If you want a hands on approach with knowledgeable tutors, it’s the place for you.

Fascinating, constant learning, helpful.

I’m working in the industry as a self employed freelanceGroom, with big company sponsors such as Lister Clipping, Dressage Riders Online and Clipit Grooming.

It has given me more knowledge than I could ever imagine, and the desire to carry on learning and be at the forefront of leading research knowledge.

I always thought I knew a lot about horses until my first day in the classroom!

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