Being a practical person, Bradley found it hard to learn in the classroom. His apprenticeship not only gives him the freedom to work outdoors, but also earn money while learning.

Level 2 Agriculture.

High House Farm in Northumberland.

All animal husbandry, feeding and looking after the stock. I also help with Arable duties such as the growing of crops  such as barley and wheat, and oil seed rape (OSR).

I completed my PA1 and PA2 in college which has benefited me a lot I’m my work because I can now drive a 24m tractor mounted boom sprayer and apply pesticides and herbicides to crops.

Working outdoors and managing my own time. It is a practical job which I love.

The best thing is that you learn on the job and not in a classroom, because I am practical person.

I wanted to make money as soon as I got out of school. This helps me a lot because I find it really hard to learn in the classroom.

College can offer some things that work can’t such as different farm visits and training in things such as forestry and chainsaw courses.

Very good. I made life long friends and it is a good environment for that.

Yes, I would. If you struggle in the classroom it is a way to learn a job roll with minimum classroom work.

By doing a Level 2 Agriculture at college it opens up a lot of doors for you in the industry.

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