Studying horticulture at Northumberland College helped Jordan land her dream job with the National Trust.

Seeking a qualification to enhance her experience, Jordan enrolled on an apprenticeship while working with garden maintenance and landscaping company, Land, Girls & Co.

As well learning techniques such as how to establish and maintain plants outdoors and construct landscapes, Jordan also took part in horticulture competitions to put her skills to the test.

“My class is in the walled garden at Kirkley Hall in Northumberland, so it’s a beautiful place to study,” she said. “I wanted a qualification to go with my experience in horticulture so far, and I am fortunate enough that my employer allowed me to go and study whilst still supporting and encouraging me.

“I’ve competed in the first round of Horticulturist of the Year which was a good experience and exciting; it was good to be part of it. I’ll be travelling to York for the next stage of the competition to cheer on Jed Hallet-Miller who won the first round as he’s been key to my learning process at Kirkley Hall.”

Jordan is thankful for the support she has received from her tutors and fellow students, and for the knowledge and skills gained on her apprenticeship. In March, Jordan joined the National Trust at Gibside as Head Propagator.

“I’ve met some really lovely people through this, tutors and students,” she added. “I am grateful for the time and energy the tutors put into each one of us.”

“I was offered two jobs from the National Trust in two weeks. The role I have chosen to take is a much more prestigious role than I thought I could get at this stage.

“My past experiences helped in getting the job, but the knowledge I gained from plant identification tests, as well as great advice from my tutor meant that I had the information fresh at the interview. I hope to carry on with the National Trust, meeting new people and seeing where this takes me.”

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