Conservation at our zoo

We are proud to support a number of conservation charities helping animals in their natural habitats.

Each year we raise funds through animal adoptions, animal experiences where a donation from each goes to our conservation projects and events where we raise awareness and funds in the zoo when we are open the public.

As well as the successful red squirrel project here on the estate at Kirkley Hall, we support some projects helping species in their natural habitats.

World Parrot Trust / World Pheasant Association

We are members of both the world pheasant association and the world parrot trust.

Giving our annual membership we help to support all the projects they carry out around the world

For further information please see the links below: World Pheasant Association (hyper link to ) World Parrot Trust (hyper link to )

Lemur Conservation Association

Working for Madagascar's highly endangered lemurs, through cooperation with the Malagasy people, the AEECL is a charitable organisation run by a consortium of European Zoos and Universities.

One of AEECL’s priorities is the blue-eyed black lemur (Eulemur macaco flavifrons), one of Madagascar's rarest lemur species, and hence the species featured in their logo. Over the past years, AEECL have been working to create a reserve to help protect the heart of the blue-eyed black lemur population. This dream has finally been realised and management structures put in place.

For further information go to

Reptile and Amphibian Conservation Trust

New for 2021 we have chosen to support the Reptile and Amphibian Conservation Trust. We hope to work closely with the trust to carry out some conservation projects here in the UK and support them with raising both awareness and fund raising For further information go to