At Northumberland College Zoo we offer a unique and bespoke experience for each outreach session.

We want to help you bring your learning to life through an amazing engaging outreach session at your venue.

One of our amazing presenter team can come to your school or event and either carry out a workshop fitting around your learning outcomes or can carry out an engaging and interactive handling session with some of our reptiles and invertebrates.

For workshops and handling sessions we aim to be able to manage a group of up to 30 per session. Each workshop session can then be repeated for other groups that day.

Each session will include a snake, a lizard, a tortoise and some invertebrates including snails and stick insects.

Please note the actual species cannot be guaranteed until the day of the event.


We can work with you to produce a workshop to cover learning outcomes that you are wanting to cover. Subjects include adaptations, diets and feeding, habitats, conservation and animal care. Please get in touch and we can work with you to create a bespoke workshop for your groups.


We are fully registered to use our animals for outreach. A copy of the license can be seen if you wish.

Open Events

We are often asked to attend events such as fayres and shows etc. we are happy to do this for the length of the event. Please get in touch for pricing for these events.

Risk Assessments

We may need to access the site before the outreach date to carry out a risk assessment. In some cases, we will carry out a dynamic risk assessment on the day of the outreach event instead.

On the day

For the outreach events we need to be able to unload close to the room we will be using so we can bring in the animals etc. Please allow a space to be reserved close to the entrance for the zoo vehicle please.

In the room we do require a power supply so we can provide additional heating for the species we bring with the presenter. The animals are brought in dark plastic boxes to reduce sunlight etc. and will be stored safely to ensure they are not affected by footfall etc. during the sessions.


All our presenter team are DBS checked before starting their employment with us.

Hygiene whilst handling

We do require that all attendees wash their hands at the start of the session. Throughout the session we will pass around hand sanitizer


Welfare of our animals is of the upmost importance. All our team are trained to look out for signs of stress in the species in their care. If any animal shows signs of stress we will not use it as part of the outreach and will move onto another species instead.


Our prices are affected by the distance we need to travel from the zoo to the venue, please see below for a breakdown of costs.

Maximum number of people in audience/ length of visit / 0-10 miles / 10-15 miles / 15-20 miles

30 people / 1 hour / £100 / £110 / £120

60 people / 2 hours / £150 / £160 / £170

90 people / 3 hours / £200 / £210 / £220

120 people / 4 hours / £250 / £260 / £270

Please note; all prices are subject to VAT.

Further Information and booking

If you require any more information on any other issues regarding an outreach visit from Northumberland College Zoo please contact the team on